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Dominic is one of the “originals” around West Texas Radio.

I moved to Midland as a child and was raised on radio, MTV, and other typical 90’s things (movies, TV shows, stand up comedy, etc.).  Mainly, I was raised on music being around my family and the older kids from the babysitter! As a young kid I was raised on George Strait and other country from the 90’s, hip hop and rap, and rock bands like Pantera, Metallica, and Beastie Boys! As I got older, I had more of a connection with rock music and 95X. I still remember the days of Summer and listening to 95X to win a CD and a 6 pack of the soda Surge if the temperature went over 95 degrees, and they mentioned it on the air (SURRRRRRRRGEEEEEE!!!!!!). As a teenager, I was always bothering DJs like Michael Todd asking to play the latest song from whatever artist that was hot at the time! I remember one day asking if I could help because they moved from the old station to a new location close to my house. From there I was asked to join the team and actually get paid! As a sophomore in high school, I was on-air with 95x, and behind the boards helping with our sister stations for High School Football and other things needed. As I got older and tired of different jobs, I became full time for West Texas Radio Group as an Account Executive and other duties with the company.  I am very excited to be a part of the reprise of 95X, hearing the older jams to the newest Alternative songs that are out! 95X has basically turned into my own personal playlist and I’m just letting you all hear it!