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Michael Todd

I was raised in San Angelo, went to high school at Irion County and graduated from Angelo State.  Starting at sixteen, I worked at several San Angelo radio stations, then moved to Midland in 1999.  In that year, I began my journey with 95X…back when it was located at the transmitter site in Gardendale!  During the summer, we endured snakes outside and scorpions falling from the ceiling inside.  During the winter, we ran as fast as we could from our cars into the building to avoid the chunks of ice falling from the antenna!
When 95X finally came to an end, I started working at the Recording Library of West Texas.  It’s a non-profit radio reading service for the print-impaired.  In 2015, I proposed to my wife Holly at the Blue Door.  In 2016, we got married.  She’s an attorney who practices education law…school districts, colleges, stuff like that.  At the moment, we have four rescue cats (my fault).
I collect vinyl and I have too many records.  I’ve collected everything from Stone Temple Pilots to John Coltrane to Kasey Musgraves.  So yeah, I like pretty much everything.
I’ve been thinking a lot about the Birthday Bashes, the shows at Dos Amigos and being buried by an avalanche of CDs at the 95X offices!  I’m totally stoked that the powers that be decided to bring back 95X and what I’m really looking forward to is hanging out with you every afternoon.